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‘Zameen Hamari Aapki, Nahi Kisi Ke Baap Ki’

By Saurabh Kumar

In May 2015, I spent 36 days with the protesting people of Mandala, a former slum basti in Mankhurd, Mumbai which had been bulldozed ten years ago by the state government on account of it allegedly being an illegal construction. The former residents of Mandala had returned to reclaim their land – their protest was marked by zesty slogans, banners, songs and most remarkably, hope that the city would this time listen to their plea and offer them legal tenure to the land they considered home.

This photo essay captures a few shades of that protest.

saurabh pe

b saurabh pe

d saurabh PE

e Saurabh PE

g Saurabh PE