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Finding home under the Mankhurd fly over

Vishal Langthasa & Arjun Chavah

Some roofs are small, some are big and we bring you the story of two families  enjoying the luxuries of a huge elongated roof which they generously share with many others.

The roof is the Mankhurd fly over, which is also lovingly called Mankhurd Bridge, located in the suburb of Eastern Mumbai. Ashok’s three-member family and Geeta’s six-member family live under the portion of the fly over just near Maharashtra Nagar area. Forty-year-old Ashok’s small family, from Maharashtra’s Beed district, comprises of his wife and father-in-law. They had lived under the Mankhurd flyover for just 15 days when we interviewed them. They used to live on the streets of Fort earlier but due to repeated hounding by the police they chose to head eastwards.

On the other hand, 30-year-old Geeta and her family have been associated with the bridge for over 15 years now. Although most of Geeta’s time is spent under the bridge selling puffed rice, she claims that they live in a little shanty just beside the bridge. Geeta’s husband Ganesh has a disabled right arm, thus Geeta has more responsibilities on her shoulders. They came to Mumbai from Banaras in search of a living in 1999. Geeta and Ganesh have two daughters and two sons.