…Not Just The Trees
In Goregaon’s Aarey Milk Colony, a battle unfolds. Whose home and whose rights prevail when it comes to this critical green lung of the city?

When Home Is A Dump
– Life in Baba Nagar, a slum in close proximity to the city’s main garbage disposal site, is far from pretty. But for its residents, that’s the least of their concerns.

A Forgotten Childhood
– As a whole generation of children grows up on the streets of Mumbai, it’s time to ask why we allow that to happen.

Atithi Devo Bhava?
– he ‘Incredible India’ tourism campaign stresses on our guests being equivalent to God. But is that really how we treat foreigners who make Mumbai their home? Here, a Chinese visitor talks of humiliation, an American woman reports molestation and a Nigerian man speaks of repeated experiences of being thrown out of a house.

Totally Fishy Business
– The residents of Sion-Koliwada have waged a long battle against builders usurping their land under the guise of ‘slum’ redevelopment. But does anyone care about their fate?

Live and Let Live-In
– In a country obsessed with marriage, couples who choose to live-in are viewed with suspicion and prejudice. As the numbers of such couples in Mumbai rise, we bring you some of their stories.

Rich City, Poor Women
– Life is tough for everyone in the slums but the burden on women is greater, given the precarious nature of housing and lack of basic infrastructure for water, sanitation, and fuel. Here, they tell their stories.

Space Games
– A PIL reveals the complex nature of Mumbai’s real estate market – where some get labelled encroachers while others are treated as legitimate developers.

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